1. Neighborhood Speeding: The LWHOA Board has met with the City of Maple Valley to determine the implementation timeline for the “no cost” options of Painting the Speed Limit of 25 MPH on the Road, additional Speed Limit Signs, and the Short Term Installation of an Electronic Speed Sign. The Board will provide a timeline communication in the May newsletter.
  2. Mailbox Replacement Update: The 1st mailbox on the right as you enter the association has been replaced due to age and condition; however, at the time of installation it was noted to have a dent on the side. This mailbox will be replaced in the coming weeks with no mail service interruption. Thank you for your patience!

Front Entrance Landscape Update: Our front entrance has been updated and it looks fabulous! A big THANK YOU to Shirley Evans who coordinated this effort.

Our annual neighborhood garage sale will be held on Saturday, 5/20/2017, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., with the dumpsters being available on June 3rd, 2017. So let’s clean out those closets/garages, make some extra cash ☺, and meet your neighbors.

Now that our front entrance has had a much needed update, it’s time to take a look at the maintenance of our own properties.
We have taken some time to put together the Spring 2017 Association Reminder, which includes Standard Measures for House

Painting, Yard Maintenance, and Trash Bins:

  • Painting of the exterior of the house will be requested if the following are visible:
  • Chipped or flaking paint as seen from the curb
  • Faded paint as seen from the curb
  • Bare wood as seen from the curb
  • Chimneys that are discolored on the body of the chimney. Please note: the top portion above the chimney discolors quickly with use and is not to be confused with the body of the chimney
  • Mold on the exterior of the house as seen from the curb (power washing is an alternative to remove the mold)

Lawn upgrades will be requested if the:

  • Lawn contains weeds as seen from the curb (including clover)
  • Lawn contains bare patches of dirt or dead areas as seen from the curb
  • Lawn contains moss as seen from the curb
  • The lawn must have a trimmed edge on all sides
  • Grass is longer than 3 inches

Flowerbed upgrades will be requested if the:

  • Flowerbeds contain grass and/or weeds that are visible above and/or around the other vegetation
  • Flowerbeds and/or flowerpots contain dead plants
  • The flowerbeds must have a defined edge between themselves and the lawn or other areas touching them

Bushes and shrub upgrades will be requested if the:

  • Brushes, shrubs and/or plants are dead (removal will be required)
  • Bushes and/or shrubs protrude onto the sidewalk (must be cut back flush with the sidewalk)
  • Bushes and/or shrubs that are not trimmed and controlled (trimming required)

Tree upgrades will be requested if the:

  • Trees overhang the sidewalk (they must be trimmed to 10 feet or more above the sidewalk)
  • Trees are dead or a large portion is dying (removal may be required)
  • Trees that block street lighting (trimming will be required)

Garbage cans/yard waste and/or recycling bin not visible from the street:

  • No portion of the above bins can be seen from the street on non-collection days



Please feel free to attend the monthly HOA Board Meetings, which occur the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 5:15 p.m., except for June and December. The LWHOA meetings will now be held at the Lake Wilderness Lodge which is located at 22500 SE 248th St, Maple Valley, WA 98038 – down at the Lake Wilderness Park – Cedar and Rainer Conference Rooms.
We hope to see you!