• Letter Sent – 1 st Warning
  • Letter Sent – 2 nd Warning
  • Letter Sent – 3 rd Warning
  • Letter Sent – $50 Fine

(letters are sent out monthly; violations will remain on an owner’s lot for 12 months before being removed)


  • Letter Sent – Warning
  • Letter Sent – $50 Fine
  • Letter Sent – $50 Fine Doubled = $100
  • Letter Sent – $100 Fine Doubled = $200
  • Letter Sent – $200 Fine Doubled = $400

(letters are sent out monthly; violations will remain on an owner’s lot for 12 months before being removed; with each letter the fine will continue to double)



Our neighborhood certainly always dazzles at Christmas time, so let’s keep it going! The Christmas light contest will be held as well, with the Lake Wilderness HOA Board judging the lights December 20-December 23. The winners will be announced in our January 2019 newsletter.
The Prizes for 2018 will be:
1 st Place – $100
2 nd Place – $75
3 rd Place – $50


Santa and Fire Engine #1 will be visiting our neighborhood on Saturday, December 15, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. for the Annual Food Drive. Please visit the website for more information at


Michael Sharp, CourseCo President/CEO, will be attending our January 16, 2019 Board meeting which will begin at 6:00 p.m. at the Lake Wilderness Lodge, down at the Lake Wilderness Park, Rainier Conference Room. Michael has expressed a desire to meet with the homeowners to share the CourseCo vision, provide an update on the transition/operations, and to frankly hear from the HOA regarding our concerns and ideas.

He feels that we are critical to the success of the golf course and is eager to start the relationship.
**For more LWHOA information please see our website at

2018 Annual State of the LWHOA
Thursday, November 29, 2018

Board Members:

  • Stephen Katzenson, President
  • Shirley Evans, ACC Chair
  • Jamie Garner, Secretary
  • Wayne Lawless, Vice-President
  • Doug Young, Treasurer
  • Travis Smith. ACC and Mailbox Committee Chair

Around the Clock Property Management:

  • James Tungsvik, ATC Manager

As Maple Valley expands, we have seen a huge influx of housing as well as resident turnover in our own neighborhood. With that turnover, homeowners, either leaving or moving in, have made great improvements in their homes, and the pride of ownership is quite evident as you drive thru the neighborhood.


  • Traffic patterns have been upgraded
    • 25 MPH paint signage on the road
    • Additional golf course signs
    • Improved placement of speed sign posts
    • Improvement of residents parking in their driveways instead of on the road, which does incur a fine
    • Newly painted north entrance curb, providing high visibility (yellow) for late night and wet weather driving
  • National Night Out was a huge success. We had a full turnout (roughly 75 people), one of the best we’ve seen in recent years, with several representatives from the local Police and Fire Departments
  • Installed 3 mailboxes which were in dire need of replacement due to age and security issues
  • Landscaping throughout the neighborhood has been addressed. The LWHOA has recently signed an agreement with a landscaping company, with the first visit demonstrating quality effort
  • The Maple Valley City Council has agreed to and signed a 5 year agreement with CourseCo, a golf course management company. CourseCo has received many awards and has highly successful golf courses. The contract commences January of 2019 (Board members have been involved with establishing direction and guidelines for the RFP)
  • The LWHOA website and newsletter continue to be a consistent source of information for LWHOA residents

Areas of Concern:

  • Parking still remains an issue with many cars parking on the street, thus decreasing the available roadway. With multiple cars located so close together, this forces cars to swerve unnecessarily which is a danger to both pedestrians and vehicles
  • The annual neighborhood garage sale will continue, but dumpsters will not be provided as there was excessive overuse and abuse. Debris was scattered everywhere around the dumpsters, to the point where concrete and paint were left on the roadway. Attempts to lift these items into the dumpster caused spillage and potential injury. Also, the dumpsters were used by non-LWHOA residents, making it difficult or impossible to add
    additional debris by LWHOA residents
  • Abusive behavior towards Board members occurred during the most recent mailbox replacement. The Board made every attempt to minimize the impact to residents, but many were angry and disrespectful to the Board members who managed a situation not of their doing. The Board is made of volunteers, 4 of whom have full time jobs
  • Failure to follow the ACC process. Too many residents are now starting and completing projects which fall under the ACC process without ACC approval. Many are not even submitting applications. The CC&Rs protect against building any structure or external housing work until ACC approval. This is in place to help keep the HOA to a high level of consistency and appearance

Going Forward in 2019:

  • Continue mailbox replacement for those that qualify due to structural or security issues. Eventually all that need to be replaced will be replaced as these mailboxes are owned by the LWHOA
  • Landscaping will be provided by a professional landscaping service. Thank you to the volunteers who over the years have managed this task
  • The LWHOA Board will continue to work and collaborate with CourseCo to ensure that the LWHOA has a voice in the future of the golf course
  • Update and implement rules and regulations to allow the Board to manage more proactively as the rules and regulations are outdated/ambiguous on many points