Please meet and welcome the LWHOA Board for 2020!

Stephen Katzenson – President

My professional career has been in healthcare since the age of 15. Having done volunteer work in high school, I attended X-ray school, Ultrasound school, and then attended Penn State university for an undergraduate degree in Health Planning and Administration. I received my MBA from Queens’ College, a liberal arts college located in Charlotte North Carolina.

Being in healthcare, I have been able to live in a number of unique and wonderful places in the US, including Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and now back to Washington. All have provided me with a great appreciation of the opportunities offered in the US. Julie, my wife, and I moved from Alaska to Washington in 2012 and have benefited from the community of Lake Wilderness and the residents who call this region home. We have two wiener dogs, Meyer and Martini. We split our time between Maple Valley and our “work in process” property at Ocean Shores.

Having been on the Lake Wilderness Board since we moved to Maple Valley, it has been rewarding to see many of the improvements done to enhance the living conditions and improve the safety of our community.

Chuck Groat – Vice President

My father died on April 9, 1945, while serving, during WWII, on a U.S. Submarine in the South Pacific. One year later, my 24-year-old mother moved, with her 3 children, to Seattle to be near her parents. She struggled financially most of her life, but she definitely proved that she had true grit, successfully dealing with all the challenges she faced. She taught all of us children to always live a life that was fair, and no matter what, always pay your bills on time, and be honest. We were poor, but we all still remember her words: “Be honest and always pay your bills on time and everything will work out.” She died in 2003, at the age of 82, of natural causes. Note: All of her bills were paid on time!

I served 3 years in the Army, 101st Airborne Division, where I served as a Medical Specialist in the 1st 502, Airborne Battalion, Strike One. I loved my job and absolutely enjoyed jumping out of airplanes, even the good ones. My experience in the Airborne would serve me well in my life to come. The training, while exceptionally difficult, taught me to be diligent and always be ready for life on life’s terms. A great experience.

A couple of years out of the Army, I decided to attend community college for a couple of years, during which time, I worked days as a steel worker in Bethlehem Steel and later a steel service company, by the name of Stack Steel in Seattle. On April Fool’s Day 1968, I went into training as an inside salesman. I had a very successful career in the steel industry, retiring from Far West Steel Corporation in June of 2012.

My wife, currently of over 50 years, and I moved to Maple Valley in the Spring of 1998, where we bought a home on 4.5 acres, just off of Sweeney Rd. We moved to our home in this neighborhood, sometime after retirement, in October of 2013. We absolutely feel honored to live in this great neighborhood!

To serve on the Board of Directors of the Lake Wilderness Homeowners Association is an honor and a privilege for me. I believe that living in a neighborhood that has high standards helps to keep my property value high. I believe that keeping our home in good condition is a big part of keeping our neighborhood safe, with pride of ownership and value as well. I am looking forward to serving the members of our association, as what I would call, a Trusted Servant. Thank you for the opportunity!

Wayne Lawless – Treasurer

My birthplace is the beautiful blue grass state of Kentucky, yes I’m a Wildcat fan. As a child I attended 11 schools in 12 years, living in many diverse parts of the country; Tennessee, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Colorado, and Oregon.
I attended Hillsdale College in Michigan, then transferred and graduated from Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon with a BS in Business Administration. My business background includes serving as a board member, corporate officer and fiduciary for a 52 store retail chain, outside sales for an international company, and as a loan officer for a national mortgage firm. Currently I work for Vine Maple Place in Donor Relations. I have had the pleasure of serving on many business, professional, and community boards in leadership capacities in my career.

My wife Jennifer, originally from Auburn, has been a Maple Valley resident since 1998. She loves the community! We, along with her son Jack, a THS graduate and current college freshman, moved into the neighborhood in 2016 and have been enjoying it ever since.

The Lake Wilderness community is friendly, the residents easy to get to know, and it feels like all have the best interest of the area at heart. It has been my privilege to have served on the LWHOA Board for the past two years.

Secretary – Open Position

Shirley Evans – ACC & Landscaping Committee

This year marks my 30th year of living in this neighborhood. I have two grown and married daughters along with 4 wonderful grandkids. I am married to Jim and it will be 44 years this year, yeah!!!!

In the past I was a cosmetologist for 21 years and worked at the golf course for 16 years.

Carrie Fielder – ACC & Landscaping Committee

I moved to the LWCC neighborhood 3 ½ years ago with my husband, Al. We previously lived in Prosser and Grandview in Eastern Washington, where we raised our 5 children. Three of those children now live in this area and are parents to our 7 grandchildren. We are blessed to have them visit us often.

I was a substitute teacher, a part-time nurse, and also a property manager in Eastern Washington. I served on the Board of Grandview Church of the Nazarene, as Missions President of our 500-member church. I was also Deputation Coordinator for the Nazarene Church Northwest District, coordinating visits of missionaries from around the world to the 75 district churches.

I look forward to serving on the LWHOA Board and working to keep our neighborhood a wonderful place to live! Al and I have enjoyed getting to know some of our neighbors over the past 3 ½ years, we look forward to meeting more of you in the future.


Maple Valley City Council meeting minutes regarding the golf course clubhouse – CONTINUED BUSINESS (a) Resolution No. R-20-1419 authorizing the City Manager to execute Professional Services Agreement with Johnston Architects for Initial Design Services of new Clubhouse at Lake Wilderness Golf Course ……………………….. Parks and Recreation Director/Assistant City Manager Dave Johnson


Tawni Dalziel, Community Development, Public Works Director, provided the attached flyer regarding the Witte Road Project – Traffic Management Plan. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF OF PLAN


Many residents like to walk, run, bike or skateboard using the sidewalks throughout our neighborhood. Come Monday trash pick-up day, though, this is difficult to do with cans blocking the sidewalks. Did you know, that it is permissible by Recology Cleanscapes to place your cans in the street, up against the sidewalk? Please think about placing your cans on the street to allow for sidewalk activity.