The Lake Wilderness HOA (LWHOA) Board of Directors is proposing a rules and regulations change to Recreational Vehicles (RVs) parking within the LWHOA community.

This change will affect RVs for both residents and guests.

The proposal is to change the current time a resident’s or guest’s RV may be parked either in the road or in the resident’s driveway from 72 hours to 24 hours. The intent is to minimize intrusion into the street by RVs, which are routinely wider than cars and trucks.

RVs will be allowed in the street and/or driveway for no more than 24 hours. Any RV being parked longer will be cited via the LWHOA parking violations program.

Also, RVs with pop-outs are not allowed on the street at any time with their pop-outs extended. This reduces the street accessibility by 1/3 and causes significant interruption to the routine traffic flow. Pop-outs also block sidewalks when extended. Pop-outs may only be extended in the resident’s driveway.

These proposed changes are based on the safety of the residents as well as consideration for all within the Lake Wilderness community.
The LWHOA Board will be discussing this issue at the March 18th meeting. If approved, this rule and regulation change will be effective 30 days from the March 18, 2020 meeting.


Dave Johnson, Parks and Recreation Director/Assistant City Manager, stated that:
We have begun the process of working with the Consultant on the conceptual design of a new clubhouse. Our first planning meeting was last month and we are scheduled to meet again later this week. The process will lead us to a preferred conceptual design that will be presented to the City Council sometime this summer. At that point, a decision will need to be made as to whether or not move forward with full design & construction of a new clubhouse (and demo of the old one).

CourseCo also provided the “Lake Wilderness Insider” (attached), which outlines the steps that they’ve taken to improve the golf course/partner with the community.

Click here to download a PDF of the 2020 LW Golf Course Update


Members from the LWHOA Board met with Tawni Dalziel, Community Development, Public Works Director, on 2/24/2020 to discuss the flyer that was provided in last month’s newsletter. Tawni stated that re-routing traffic via Lake Wilderness Country Club Drive is “set in stone.” She is very willing to work thru any issues that may occur due to the re-routing, and understands the Board’s position that safety is of the upmost importance. For any questions or issues during the Witte Rd. T-28B construction, please reach out to Tawni – Tawni.Dalziel@maplevalleywa.gov.