1) Neighborhood Speeding: The LWHOA Board will be meeting with the City of Maple Valley once again to determine the implementation timeline for:

  • 25 MPH painted on the streets in the LWHOA community at multiple sites
  • Additional 25 MPH speed signs installed within the LWHOA community
  • Golf cart crossing signs installed at each street crossing point for golf carts
  • Increased police presence in the LWHOA community
  • Short-term installation of an electronic speed sign

2) Front Entrance Landscape: The landscaping committee is in the process of reviewing the current landscaping contract termination clause as the maintenance has been substandard. The landscaping committee, along with the help of homeowner Chuck Groat, will be removing several dead plants, weeding, adding brown mulch, and planting bulbs in the coming weeks for spring flowers to the middle island.


Landscaping has been completed for the roundabout at 250 th . With the removal of overgrown bushes and installation of brown mulch, the appearance is much improved as well as drivers are now able to clearly see thru the roundabout.


TIME: November 15, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Lake Wilderness Parks & Rec – Rainier Room
LWHOA BOARD: There are #3 potential Board Member Openings


All homeowners are required to first provide a paint chip with an ACC request for HOA house painting approval. Once the paint chip has been approved, the homeowner will be required to paint a 3×3 section on the house for an in-person approval.


Beginning with our January 2018, the LWHOA Board Meeting time will change to 6:00 p.m. HOA Board Meetings occur the 3 rd Wednesday of each month except for June and December. The LWHOA meetings will now be held at the Lake Wilderness Lodge which is located at 22500 SE 248 th St, Maple Valley, WA 98038 – down at the Lake Wilderness Park – Cedar and Rainer Conference Rooms.

**For more LWHOA information please see our website at http://lwhoa.com