Save the date – August 2nd is National Night Out starting at 6:00 PM. Both the Fire Dept. and Police Dept. vehicles and personal will be on hand around 6:45 PM. Hosted pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, ice cream, and water will be available. Starting at 7:15 PM a magician will be performing for your pleasure and amazement with balloons following. The event will be held in the 224 CT. This is the same location as last year. At this event we will have a sign-up sheet to collect as many property owners email address as possible. Being able to communicate via email allows us to reach you quickly and at a very reduced cost. We will NEVER sell or use your email address for anything other than communication on HOA matters. Please help us improve our communications by supplying your email address. Thanks!

Traffic Issues / Witte Road Construction
On June 8th we hosted a meeting to discuss traffic issues within our HOA. Attending the meeting was Laura Philpot City of Maple Valley Public Works Director and now acting City Manager, DJ Nesel Chief of Police, and the City Engineer. The meeting was well attended by property owners along with 4 of our Board Members.

The good news is that according to Laura Philpot the Witte Road construction traffic will not be routed thru our HOA and that the project will not start till summer of 2017.

Everyone agreed that vehicle speeds within our HOA while a bit higher than the posted speed limit were not deemed a critical issue but there are measures that can be taken that have a chance of slowing down the traffic. These include painting the speed limit on the roadway and other painting techniques. Speed limit message boards are expensive but could be available. The city is open to working with us as we move forward. The Board will be addressing this issue at upcoming meetings. Your input is most welcome

Mail Box Replacement Phase 2
The Board will be addressing this issue at its next meeting on July 20th 5:15 PM at the club house (upstairs)
Discussion will center around the location of the three new mailboxes. All property owners that are impacted are encouraged to attend.

Important Reminder, our CC&R’s preclude overnight street parking. All of your vehicles must be parked either in your garage, or on your driveway. Notices are being sent out and fines could result in not abiding by this requirement.